How to Start Projects

In collaboration with universities and organizations, WikiRate organizes research projects that design and combine questions about companies around certain topics to gather data and build a picture of company performance. Research projects create greater access to public company data, support organizations working to improve corporate transparency while providing an educational tool for university students.

Who can organize a Project?

Anyone! WikiRate is interested in working with universities, students, NGOs, journalists and anyone who has an interest in creating and using open company sustainability metrics and data.

How to set-up a Project

The team at WikiRate works with university professors and partner organizations to set research scopes that align with their learning objectives or research interests. Together, we discuss the methodology and quantitative measures for data research.

Individuals can also set-up a project on the WikiRate platform.

Before setting up your project, you need to decide which metrics and companies you would like to include. For more information on creating and using metrics, see How to Add Data.

Once you have chosen your set of companies and metrics, go to Create New Project

Here you will need to add:

  • A project name
  • One or more topic area tags that relate to your project
  • A description of the project scope and aims
  • One or more years. You can leave this blank, or choose a selection of years you want to research
  • A list of metrics. These can be searched by topic, project or keyword.
  • A list of companies. These can most easily be searched by keyword or project.
  • If your project is part of a larger pre-existing WikiRate project, you need to add a Parent project.

Once you have filled in the fields, click submit to create your project.

All of these elements are easily editable from the project page if you want to make some changes later.

Looking to give it a try?

The WikiRate team is available to support new ideas, and new organizations who want to get involved in collaborative research. Our aim is to create a useful space for others to make an impact in improving corporate disclosure practices, and to amplify the research and advocacy of our partners.

To get the conversation started, get in touch with us at

More Info

Check out ourĀ Publications to learn more about how WikiRate projects engage students in corporate reporting and create open datasets.