How to Contribute

Every day many kinds of people – academics, advocates, policymakers, reporters, and company representatives – freely access WikiRate data and use them to make better-informed decisions.

As a wiki, we rely on an equally diverse community of contributors to expand and improve these data. As a member of our community, you can contribute to WikiRate by adding data and helping to check and improve data. 

Two of the best ways to contribute to WikiRate are through Projects and through Tasks.


Projects are organized efforts to complete research of a data set as defined by specific lists of companies, metrics and years.  If you're interested in reviewing reports to find new answers to questions see How to Add to Projects. If you have a team or organization that might like to use WikiRate to conduct research, see How to Start Projects.


All members of the WikiRate community play an important role in improving existing data. Here, we’ve outlined the most important tasks that contributors can do to make WikiRate ever more complete, reliable, and engaging. Click on a task below to learn more.

For beginners

Add Missing Company Logos to Company Pages+Image

5-7 minute task. Logos help users identify companies quickly.

Add Wikipedia Information to Company Pages+Image

5-7 minute task. Link a company to its Wikipedia entry.

For intermediate researchers

OpenCorporates Mappings to Company Pages+Image

10-15 minute task. Add an OpenCorporates entity ID to a WikiRate Company page.

Review Answers that have been Flagged+Image

10-15 minute task. Check suspicious answers that have been marked by other users.

For the valiant

Sources without a File+Image

10-15 minute task. Complete a source by its offline file copy to make it bulletproof for the future.