How to Advanced

Importing Answers

If you have a large dataset that is already structured, you can directly import the answers onto WikiRate. Imported metric answers need to be in CSV format with the columns according to this structure:

Metric | Company | Year | Values | Source | Comment

Note: The Metric name should be the full metric title (the name of the designer + the name of the metric).

For example, this metric should be named: Walk Free Foundation+MSA risk assessment

When you have structured your CSV file correctly, you can import it through the Metric Answer Import Page

  1. Give your import file a Name
  2. Upload the CSV file
  3. Click Submit.
    • If the file is large, it may take some time to process.
    • Once it has been processed you will need to map any companies where an exact name match was not found on WikiRate. Y
    • ou can search for the company on WikiRate using the 'Suggest' button. If the company cannot be found on WikiRate, enter 'AutoAdd' into the field.
    • Once you have finished mapping the company names, click update mapping on the top right of the screen.
  4. Go to the 'Step 2: Importing' tab where you can import your answers to the platform. You can see how many data points are ready to be imported on the 'Ready' tab.
  5. Select the answers you want to import and click 'Import'. The progress bar will let you know whether any answers failed to import.