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Corporate transparency is not only about what information is disclosed, but also about how this information is disclosed. Tucking information away in text heavy documents with hundreds of pages and in a format that is not 'machine-readable' is simply not transparent. It requires individuals to digg through these reports, which is time and resource intense, and is not a realistic expectation when you want society to be able to use the information published.


This metric asks in what format(s) companies provide information around their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. The focus of this question is on the file type and if it is text or in table format. 

Multiple answer options may apply.

Please cite all appropriate reports and files as a source. When you file the source, please make sure to tag the source with the content type (see the drop down menu in the field "Report Type" when creating a new source).  

If the file format that you have found is not listed among the answer options, please select "Other" and explain in the comments what file type it is.

If you find no applicable report, answer “No” and cite the company’s website or other relevant page.