What is the company's total number of employees?
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The size of a workforce provides insight into the scale of impacts created by labor issues. It is also used as a basis for calculations with other indicators as a measure of a company's size and impact. Monitoring the size of a company's workforce over time is an important basis for measuring a company's economic development and sustainability. 

The total number of employees in a company includes both full-time and part-time members of a workforce.  


Number of employees may be reported in a company's sustainability report, annual report and/or integrated report. The company may also report these figures directly on their website.

To find the answer, try searching in these documents for keywords such as 'employee', 'workforce' or 'personnel'. The company may report this figure in a section of their report focused on their workforce, they may also include the figure in a summary data page at the beginning of a report. 

Add a comment documenting exactly where within the source you found the information (page number) and include details of any calculations you made.